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The Arab-German relations, especially economic, have not yet reached their peak due to the incomparability of trade exchange and encountered complications, despite the fact that both parties possess all necessary constituents for success.

Experts state that the GCC countries have dedicated $1.5 billion (approx. € 1.0 billion) to establish megaprojects, including infrastructure such as; road networks, transportation, airports, housing, schools and hospitals. Meanwhile, the German party, with its world-class technologies and good reputation, is seeking to win contracts to participate in the execution of such projects; therefore opening new markets beneficial for the German economy.

Factors encouraging Arab countries to cooperate with the Federal Republic of Germany
  • The word "German" is welcome in the Arab community; as Germans never had any political ambitions in the Arab region.
  • The strategic geographical location of Germany in the center of Europe makes it the heart of commodity and services' movement.
  • Germany is a major industrial player worldwide.
  • Potency of qualified German workforce with world-class knowledge, capabilities and skills.
  • Under the motto "Made in Germany", Germany has taken the lead as the greatest exporting country worldwide for several years.
For all reasons hereinabove, SABER GERMAN-ARAB CONSULTING & COOPERATION has mobilized its legal, economic and cultural expertise of over 20 years in Arab and German arenas to serve institutions, companies and individuals, of the two parties, interested in mutual cooperation. Being a pioneer in Arab-German relations, we tackle matters with Arab instinct and German mind, and vice versa, whenever necessary.

Our services include studies on potential mutual cooperation. We provide our customers with detailed studies on targeted markets; including prevailing legal, social or political systems, in addition to lists of key players in such area and their history. The second step, if interest is affirmed, is that we play the role of mediators and participate in negotiations aiming at reaching an agreement and bridging any gaps of mutual trust. We also offer various legal services; consultations, drafting contracts and agreements, founding and registering new companies and agencies, in addition to organizing events and exhibitions and offering businessmen services; i.e. travel, accommodation, meetings, translation, etc.

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