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About Us
SABER GERMAN-ARAB CONSULTING & COOPERATION is specialized in Arab-German relations. We offer various services to institutions, companies, or individuals interested in mutual cooperation. We have over 20 years of experience in Arab and German arenas.
  • Are you looking for trade partners in Berlin?
  • Are you seeking to exhibit your products in Hanover International Trade Fair?
  • Are you looking for a legal consultant in Hamburg?
  • Are you seeking data on German manufacturers of construction machinery; e.g. drillers, cranes, etc
  • Are you looking for studies on companies in the sector of chemicals with former business operations in the Arab region

Based in Germany, SABER GERMAN-ARAB CONSULTING & COOPERATION serve customers from the Arab region. On your behalf, we can address German companies and institutions in German and we have expertise in legal, economic and social systems.

SABER GERMAN-ARAB CONSULTING & COOPERATION is based in the ancient city of Braunschweig, the second largest city in Lower Saxon, located in the southeast of the state. Its population is approximately 240.000. Braunschweig's main attractions include the Technical University of Braunschweig; one of the oldest technical universities in Europe. Braunschweig has a strategic location in the north of Germany. It is located among key cities such as Berlin (the capital), Hamburg (the major harbor on the North Sea), Hanover, with it worldwide reputation for international fairs, and Wolfsburg; where the factory of Volkswagen is; a major automotive manufacturer. The German Science Foundation named Braunschweig Germany's City of Science for 2007, honoring its potential as a hub for research and development.

Our Mission

SABER GERMAN-ARAB CONSULTING & COOPERATION utilizes all available resources in both Arab and German arenas to foster Arab-German relations; economic in specific. Our vision is to bridge gaps of viewpoints and mutual trust and working on eliminating all obstacles.

What Makes Us Unique?

SABER GERMAN-ARAB CONSULTING & COOPERATION is a pioneer in Arab-German relations. We tackle matters with Arab instinct and German mind, and vice versa, whenever necessary.


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